That was annoyingly worthwhile

Believe it or not, Computers and I get along like Harambe and Ammo. There is a new blog up and I am looking for article writers. Who will not be paid! lol

I’m kidding, I loved Harambe. He was at my local zoo. I’ve seen that beast for years.


But about the payment. Not kidding at all. I’m collecting emails of my various Catholic Brothers. If you would like to join in this endeavor please send me a message via twitter so I can get everyone on a list, and we can synch our hyper-secret Catholic Papal listening nodes.




2 thoughts on “That was annoyingly worthwhile

  1. No writing commitments, I’ll send a group email asking if someone would like to write something every now and again. But I’ll do the lifting. I wanted to keep my fiction separate from my theology and give a place for others to have a voice too.

    So it’s not a new puppies group or a writing team. Just brotherhood, and camaraderie between Catholics of similar interests. Also, a hand up for each other. We all have skills, maybe someone who is good at x can help a person with a theological understanding.

    Think of the Temple of Iron site as a pub for us and you’ve got the idea right.


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