A call for Catholic men

I’m developing something and I know quite a few of my followers are Catholic. I had a discussion once with a gaming buddy about if there isn’t a group in your area playing a game, then make one.

Well, there is a lack of men’s lay orders for people who enjoy the things we get up to in our various hobbies and fiction. I’m going to do something about that.

I’m not a fan of ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ anything. I feel what we do is greater than some pisspot catch all for anyone who likes knights or escapism. When we build worlds or stories we echo our Fathers own desire for creation. Being made in his image we’ve retained that, and express it the best we know how.

I’m drawing up a mission statement for a lay order for men. If all interested could please stand up and follow me on WordPress I’d be appreciative. It will be about accountability, study, fitness, fiction, role playing, works of mercy, family, community, skill set sharing, and daily reading of the Bible set out by the USCCB. 

We will also discuss prayer, praise, edifying each other, and being better men. Too long have we allowed the Jack Donovan’s (Author of the way of men) of the world lay claim to masculinity while wearing wolf bones and visiting strip clubs. Writing books on living off the government as a form of tribal raiding. No thanks, I won’t stain my honor for sake of ease.

We can do better, we are called to it. Who will answer that call? 


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